16-Shawaal Sandal Sharif

16-Shawaal Sandal Sharif is the observance of the death anniversary of Hazrat Baba Kambalposh R.A. which is celebrated on date 16th of Shawwal (according to Urdu calendar) annually.

Celebrating Sandal Shrif,  peoples gathered in order to send salutations (Esal-e-Swaab) to the Hazrat Baba Kambalposh R.A. in this festival various holy activities are organised such as Qu’ran khwani, Fateha, Naat khwani, Milaad etc.

One of the great occasion in this festival is that, Babe Rahemat ( Basement door ) is open from 5:00 am of 16th Shawwal to 7:00 pm of 18th Shawwal & it will close after Namaz-e-Magrib. In this session peoples make ziyarat of Hazarat & makes dua.


Programs conducted in this session

Annual Programs Date & Time of Program
Babe Rahemat opening (Basement door) 16th Shawaal Urdu 5:00 am to 18th Shawwal Urdu 7:00 pm
Sandal procession 16th Shawwal Urdu 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Mahefil-e-sama 17th Shawwal Urdu 8:00 pm onwords
Fateha Khani 18th Shawwal Urdu  at 9:00 am